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LIFE | What's In My Gym Bag

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I don't know about you, but I love reading blog posts where you get to have a bit of a nosey in other people's bags and homes. That woman sitting opposite you on the train with the beautiful Marc Jacobs bag resting on her lap...don't you ever wonder what is inside such a beautifully elegant bag? Well, I a few months ago I did a 'What's In My Bag' post which you can check out HERE.

And now I'm going to show you what's inside my not-so elegant gym bag! Why? Because it's a large part of my life. I'm probably in workout or dance gear 80% of the week due to university, rehearsing and generally going to the gym. So read on and be as nosey as you like! 

Sports Bra 

The most important item in here in my opinion. No-one wants to see me receiving a black eye mid run on the treadmill. This particular one has been in my gym wardrobe for a while, it has medium support, so does the job and is white which means it goes with any gym outfit I choose.


This is the one part of my gym clothes I love to mix up. Rather than just get black leggings (of which I have in abundance) I instead tend to choose patterned or coloured leggings to add a bit of fun to my outfit. You can get some awesome galaxy and rainbow ones from Nike and Adidas, but for options a bit cheaper, Primark honestly do some brilliant workout wear. 

Low Armhole Vest

I always try to find these kinds of tips for the gym, they cover me up enough but then give me the large holes where I can get a breeze to my stomach, but no risk of side boobage thanks to my trusty sports bra!

Waist Shaper

Now this is a a new staple in my gym bag as of pre Summer gym sessions. I saw these workout waist shapers being raved about all over the net and due to my love of anything fitness related I snapped one up to see what all the fuss was about. It took a while to get used to, being sucked in and kept sucked in for an hour and a half of sweating and struggling to breath as it is, let me tell you, it's hard. After a few times wearing it whilst working out, it almost became enjoyable to know more improvement would come of it.  I picked up mine from WaistShaper UK which you can access HERE! 

Adidas Originals Jacket 

The walk to the car and then into the gym is cold okay? Yes, I drive to the gym, it's like 4 miles and with our temperamental English weather, I ain't being stuck in no thunder/rain/snow storm! This jacket is warm yet thin enough to wear at the start of my gym workout until I warm up properly and can then tie it round my waist until I'm finished. 

Nike Reflective Running Shoes 

Now, before we start, pink is not my best colour. It just so happens these were the last in my size and had all the qualities I wanted in a running shoe. The reflective side means IF, and I repeat, IF I walked or ran to the gym, I'm being safe if it happens to be dark. The grip is amazing on these too, no risk of flying off the treadmill or slipping on the stepper. 

Wooly Scarf and Gloves. 

Obviously these two items vary depending on the weather and my ability to remember to put them in, oops. However since we're still dealing with those super windy and rainy days they definitely come in handy and I can bury my face in my scarf and protect my hands from frostbite pre and post-gym workout. 

Powerade Water Bottle

Hydration is key. Simple as that, and it's large so I don't have to worry about running back and forward to the water fountain every 20 mins. I drink a lot of water which helps with avoiding inevitable headaches I seem to get but also does my skin a world of good.


Because no one wants to listen to 20 other workout grunts and breath. Plus when the right song comes on, my motivation level increases tenfold. Who else almost sings out loud whilst pedalling like your in a race on the bike? Just me? 

Michael Kors Perfume 

'Gym' is not a scent I'd like to wear today thankyou! A quick spray of this beauty means I can still run any odd errands before off home for long shower, it smells so good and although yes the bottle is slightly inconvenient for my gym bag, I can't help myself.

So there we have it, the contents of my gym bag revealed for everyone to see. I won't lie and say there isn't a packet of chewing gum, apartment keys, a scrunched up receipt, a hair grip and my phone rattling around in there. But I'm guessing they may be pretty standard in any girls bag.

What's the item you couldn't live without in your gym bag? 

Thanks for reading!

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