Saturday, 28 February 2015

BEAUTY | Victoria's Secret Power of Three

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Apologies for my brief hiatus, but i'm still here *waves* I’ve had and still have so much university work to do, 3rd year is no walk in the park. They really make you work for this degree don't they?! If I’m not planning an essay, I’m researching something about something or thinking of how to create my performance. Then if I’m not doing that I’m working and sleeping. But I missed not updating my blog for two weeks, so if i post less frequently, please forgive me! Soon as i've finished this semester, i'm going to be working hard to make this a beautiful space for myself amidst you lovely other bloggers.

What are the first three things you think about when you hear the words Victoria's Secret? For you males, it might be significantly different to us females who I’m sure it screams 'unbelievably beautiful goddess like women, who I wish I looked like, but I’m currently sat eating a tub of chocolate ice-cream, planning my fitness regime for the next 6months' Am I wrong?

I picked up these three body mists from VS the other week, and now I’m walking round smelling good enough to eat! I’m all for body spray over perfume, don’t get me wrong, I still use perfume for special occasions and nights out, but during the day I find it’s so much easier and certainly cheaper to spritz myself with one of these beauties. Being able to go spray happy with these water-based products is better than wasting a cloud of Michael Kors’ in my opinion. All three scents at a bundle price of 3 for £24. Not too bad is it? I could have spent an extra £6 and gathered up 5 for £30 but I’ve got to set myself some limits now.

Victoria's Secret Fantasies Coconut Passion Body Mist

Vanilla and Coconut scented; refreshing formula is infused with conditioning Aloe Vera and calming Chamomile.

This scent takes me back to my childhood so much, I think having afro-carribean hair, my mum was always using products that had coconut oils, I believe for its detangling properties. Yes, I was one of those children who screamed whenever a comb came near my head…combing curls hurts okay?! So although this takes me back to painful hair brushing days, the vanilla gives off a sweetness I can’t resist.

Passion Struck by Victoria's Secret Body Mist

Fuji apple and Vanilla Orchid fragrance mist. This refreshing formula is infused with conditioning Aloe Vera and calming Chamomile.

I can’t be sure exactly what ‘fuji’ apple is, but I know what apple is, and this fragrance is definitely sprinkled with a few appley notes. The more prominent smell is the vanilla for sure, but the apple makes it smell so much sweeter and fruity. I’ve got to say this is probably my go to scent when I’m looking for something I know will make me smell good instantly.

Love Addict by Victoria's Secret Body Mist

Wild orchid and Blood Orange fragrance mist. This refreshing formula is infused with conditioning Aloe Vera and calming Chamomile.

Quick observation. All of these are infused with conditioning Aloe Vera and calming Chamomile. I’ve just noticed, couldn’t have written that sentence more often if I tried could I. Awkward. Anywaaaay, the last body mist I picked up is a new spring addition to the range and it’s got that floral, girly girl smell. You know, that smell that’s fresh and fun. The wild orchid is responsible for this I believe and it does a damn good job too!

Certainly a lot of passion and love in VS isn’t there? It’s coming up to warmer weather soon…I hope and I’m looking forward to all the shops re-arranging and making way for new spring products.

What’s your favourite VS Body Mist?

Thanks for reading!

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Saturday, 14 February 2015

BEAUTY | A (Lush) Valentines Day

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The title...I know I know I'm already cringing inside. However, you can't deny it magically draws everything together. It's Valentine's Day and this post is about Lush products. Lush. Valentine's Day. A Lush Valentines Day? See...go me!

Anyway, down to the true nature of this post ey. Whilst wandering around Leeds City Centre today being a wingwoman for my friend Valentines Day shopping i decided to love myself and got some treats. Once over the perfumed/organic scent blast you receive upon stepping through the doors of many Lush stores, i sought out the bubblebar counter. Lush's bathbombs make having a bath the best damn thing you've done this week. And with that thought in mind i ended up at the till with this trilogy of nose pleasing beauties.

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Lonely Heart Bubble Bar 

At £3.50 this little glittery heart is well worth the pain of having glitter constantly stuck to your hand after holding it for 1.2 seconds. Once you crumble some of this under the running hot water, comes the foaming bubbles set to put you in deep relaxation mode. THEN you get to be a Edward Cullen the 2nd with your glittering skin once you get out. Slightly annoying if your off to work, not at all if it's bed time! You only need half of this bar to produce a bath full of bubbles. That's two, at a push three beautifully smelling pink/red glittery baths.

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Heart Throb Bubbleroon

The shape of this bathbomb was the first thing that hooked me. It's an unusual sandwich of red hearts with a filling of gold glitter. Yep, more glitter all over everything...i am aware. Not as much as Lonely Hearts though. I love that this bubbleroon, as it's called, has a large helping of shea butter mixed in, leaving your skin moisturised and lovely. The scent is quite vanilla based with the familiar 'lush' mixture of goodness. £3.65 and its yours!

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The Godmother Soap Block

Now, this one isn't actually from Valentines Day/Spring range. is pink...and smells declicious. This one has the Snowfairy scent that comes in the bathbomb form but only at Christmas. Booo. Until then i can have my skin feeling smooth and smelling good enough to eat with this hot/dark pink block of soap. You can buy this from the huuuuge big bars on one of the counters and they usually weigh it out per 100g, i got my chunk for £3.66 to be precise and it weighed 116g. This literally does melt in your hands too, so quick quick quick.

Whatever your doing this valentines day, i hope it's filled with friends, fun and laughter. And of course..*cough* LOVE. I'm not sure what my plans are yet, but i'm 99.9% it's now going to involve one of the above and a hot bath!

Thanks for reading!
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Thursday, 12 February 2015

LIFE | Waterfall Walks

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The other day I was thinking about the direction and purpose of this blog. I don't want to make a half-arsed effort this time round, my old fitness blog Step by Step became a staple in my life for a good 43 days (good effort Amiee *eye roll*) I'm proud to say I managed to write about the Insanity workout and my meals EVERY SINGLE DAY. Then I got lazy and started university again so it came to an abrupt end unfortunately.

With this blog, I can write about what I love and share it with you! But then I think the best thing about having a blog is that I can look back at all these memories. The world is changing so fast, and we constantly have something else to look forward to, another plan to make, sometimes we can end up forgetting the good memories in the past. So I want to be able to look back through things I used to love, and places I’ve been and the times before everything gets all hover-crafty and super technological.

So a few weekends ago, me and a few friends decided to leave behind the hustle and bustle of Leeds city life and drive a gazillion miles, or 43, into the country side. I always used to be a ‘why on earth would you want to walk…outside…where it’s windy….and cold’ kind’a person but I can admit I have been converted. Once I’d wrapped myself up properly (I’m always the one without a coat, complaining it’s cold….I know, I know!) and we arrived, I began to appreciate the sights around me, even took a few pictures too didn’t iiii.

Ingleton falls are waterfalls…….. Ingleton. I don’t wanna go and give you a big backstory about this place, because to be frank I don’t know it, and I just want to write about it as I saw it. We parked up in the adorable little village with curvy hills, narrow roads and pebble-dashed cottages then walked the rest of the way to the actual waterfall trail. Yep, an official trail, 8 km I’ll have you know. And I made it! As it was quite a fresh day outside, the trees and ground were coated with that glistening frost that’s not quite there yet you’ll slip on your ass as soon as your foot touches it. Beautiful, but dangerous to those of us without shoes that have grip. And to be fair it did make everything seem magical…or my dream of being a pupil at Hogwarts whose letter just got lost in the post may yet be a reality. As you’ll see in a few pictures we took a wilder beast with us! Kidding, we took my friend Sophie’s Japenese Akita….everyone, meet Oscar! He’s good at scaring away bears and forest-lurking creatures, but he’s a big softie really and looks so cute padding around in snow.

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The whole walk was alongside this river, it went on for ages, just miles of bubbling water and rocks! What had me the most was how tall and huge the trees were here, seriously they were like those tree men things from Lord of the Rings. But still, we walked and walked, i tripped a few times, then we walked some more.
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The waterfall below was the largest of the trail and probably about half way round i'd say. More stairs winding into the hill took us to the very top, and as i looked down i realised it's not what it looks like in films. It looks vicious. The water crashes off every rock and pools into the black waters below. Quite scary, but at the same time beautiful and mesmorizing.
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This marks the start of the end. We began to walk back just as it turned to twilight (my favourite time of the day) ...I love how the sky takes on a deep blue sometimes almost purple hue and everything looks so peaceful. Oh but first, the moon. During the day. Above mountains. The photo is slightly blurry however it never fails to amaze me when the moon shows that clearly during the day.
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Look! A heart and an A. Ta-Da! With Love A. It's me!
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Once we arrived back into the cute little cottagey town, we stumbled upon a little cafe with THE most amazing cakes and pastries on little cake stands. Frumenty and Fluffin. It was such a quirky space. Each wall painted a different colour, every chair a different cushion, the walls were covered in mirrors and pictures. Seeing the choice of desserts up front, it only seemed fitting after walking a loooong 8km we deserved a treat, right? Right! We chose the huge butter scones filled with a heap of whipped cream and jam. Another swirl of cream dolloped on top and a strawberry to finish, they were so big the full size cake box wouldn't close. Ooooops.

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All in all, i thoroughly enjoyed my day frolicking among trees and waterfalls. My legs ached, i wont lie, from the sheer amount of steps but the fun and views and memories definitley make it worth the pain. Sometimes i feel i can get wrapped up in the social media, tv and work sides of life. It's refreshing to get out into the country, breathe in some fresh air and stop for a moment.

Thanks for reading!
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Saturday, 7 February 2015

LIFE | Books I've Loved in January

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You may or may not know this depending on if you know me personally or not. If you do, you’ll know that I eat, sleep and talk books. Ask anyone, especially my friend Anya whom I recently went on holiday with and between us actually managed to read approximately 15 books, AS WELL AS doing all the normal holiday-y things us young adults do. I promise we didn't lounge infront of the pool/sea for 6 hours tanning. Honest!

So, in January alone I’ve managed to sink my teeth into 8 books, 4 of which I’m going to do a little write up. These aren’t reviews and probably won’t be as witty as some book blog posts out there, but I basically just want to share with you why I loved these and why you should definitely go right now and buy them or download them to your reading device. NOW…or after you’ve read this post, depends how much you trust my judgement I guess!

The Giver

‘Jonas's world is perfect. Everything is under control. There is no war or fear or pain. There are no choices. Every person is assigned a role in the Community. When Jonas turns twelve, he is singled out to receive special training from The Giver’

This book was published in 2003, long before the whole ‘dystopian future’ frenzy everyone started getting on after The Hunger Games and Divergent. Because of the sheer amount of ‘future-style’ books I’ve been reading lately I almost skimmed past this one. I was so reluctant to start reading this book because of all the hype about it, then comes the film-adaption which lowered my need to read it further. I seem to have a bit of a problem with books made into film adaptions, EXCEPT Harry Potter which I will forever congratulate each director for their utter fabulousness in bringing the books to the big screen.
The second after turning the last page, iPad was turned on, Google search completed to find the film, I was hooked. There are themes of society, humanity, conformity and a sprinkle of romance in this book, but I cannot compare it with anything I’ve read, so it kept me reading. Not to mention the ending leaves you flabberghasted and wondering if she’s ACTUALLY just bloody done that and ended it there *shakes fist*


‘Fifty years ago The Commander came into power and murdered all who opposed him. In his warped mind, the seven deadly sins were the downfall of society.’

This was a recommendation after I’d finished reading Insurgent, based on the genre and style of books I’ve recently read I guess, thankyou Mr Kindle. The blurb had me curious and once I’ve read the first few pages of any book, some little Amiee voice in my head forces me to read the full book whether I like it or not. In this case, I liked!
The story is fast paced, action packed and again has some luurve thrown about in there. The story is told from the view of a girl named Lexi Hamilton who is living under the evil rule of the new guy in charge aka The Commander. This is all set after World War V – a time alas none of us will get to see, booo. Abi Ketner and Missy Kalicicki have moulded the seven deadly sins into crimes, and those who commit those crimes are branded with a tattoo to shame them, then exiled to The Hole where all hell breaks loose on a daily basis. I won’t go on to tell you what hell that is, because you should read the boooooook. The next book in the Sinners series is Hunted, which is set for publication in March 31st 2015. HURRY UP!

Please Remain Calm

‘In this gripping sequel to THIS IS NOT A TEST…****SPOILER*****

As you can see, I left the blurb out as it gives too much away if you haven’t read the first in this duo. I cannot stress enough how much love I have for this novella. After reading the first installment 'This Is Not A Test' and almost flying myself over to Courtney Summers' house and demanding she give me the unfinished manuscript to the sequel, I was mind-blown. I’ve never managed to find a zombie book that ticks all the boxes (gore, blood, anxiety, death, loss, humor)  and doesn’t wind up being some romantic-survival piece of work.
I’m not going to say much about this though as it’s a follow on and if you haven’t read the first, I don’t want to spoil this devilishly good book for you. But as far as zombie-esque novels go, this is one of the best. I finished this without even a glimmer of knowing it was going to come to an end, leaving me with a slight hole in my heart as the ‘Acknowledgements’ page stared me in the face. The worst bit about all of this love is the final (oh I hope not) book isn’t out until……………..I DON’T KNOW  because she hasn’t written it yet….if anyone knows otherwise, tell me pleeeeeease.

Lovely Vicious

‘Seventeen-year-old Isis Blake hasn’t fallen in love in three years, nine weeks, and five days, and after what happened last time, she intends to keep it that way.’

I’ve got to admit, this blurb doesn’t do the book justice at all. I was expecting a soppy, girls rule kinda read, what I got instead was punchy, witty dialogue I could relate to and some hilarious action scenes. I love the way Isis talks, it’s riddled with sarcasm and dry humor, right up my street thankyou very much. Although the story line didn’t completely reveal itself in this book (more books, woo!), I found myself enjoying the teen angst, the awkwardness and the humour.
I love love love finding a trilogy that’s all published and ready for me. There’s nothing worse than having to wait for the cliffhanger to be resolved, your favourite character is on the brink of death and you have no idea if they meet a gruesome, depressing end or live happily ever after. THE WORST. I found a GIF from a fellow book-lover on Good Reads that perfectly described my feelings after the ending…

But I didn’t panic for long, because the next instalment Savage Delight was one swipe of my kindle screen away. Thank god for fast download speed. So there we have it, my top four books for January. I'm currently reading the second book of Lovely Vicious, 36% of the way through to be overly-precise. Are there any good books out there i should add to my never-ending list?!

Thanks for reading!
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