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The City Girls UK Blogger Event

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A week and a few days ago I attended a wonderful event set up by Lorna from Life by LDE and Holly from Tea and Blush called quite fittingly The City Girls UK. These two lovely ladies have brought together bloggers from the north in two fun filled events, their first event being in Sheffield last year and the second that I was lucky enough to attend, right here in Leeds.

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The event took place at The Liquorist on Greek Street, which is a bar I hadn’t heard of until the event. The decor inside was astounding, much dark wood, crystal chandeliers and beautiful velvet vintage style chairs, not to mention the mirrored staircase (see’s a pleasure). After ordering a cocktail (Long Island Ice Tea...ah thankyou) I met some of the other lovely bloggers and we all had a chuckle over the rearranging of items that began for those much needed ‘perfect’ photographs. 

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Before we started the afternoon of chattering and socializing we had a talk by a lady, Suzie from Leed’s Women Aid, which is a fantastic charity who help local women who have experienced domestic abuse and violence. It really was both shocking and inspiring to hear what they do for these women and how this kind of thing can tick over without anyone really knowing about it. Us women are strong and powerful, never should we be made to feel any less by anyone. Take a look at their website here to find out more about what they do and how you can help, even if just volunteering or donating a few pennies. It really is an amazing cause! 

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The way then became clear for us bloggers to rush off to talk to some of the brands and get to know each other a little better. Piling through the archways we discovered some incredible brands had set up little tables with goodies for us to have and a chance to get to know the brand! Some of those were Benefit, The Bodyshop UK, Nails by Ivy, Manuka Dr and Kendelle Clothing. We got to talk to each brand about any new products that were coming out or tips on how to stay looking healthy. It was a fantastic opportunity for us to network and have some fun along the way. 

I immediately ran over to Benefit (sorry, not sorry) to try out their latest Licence To Blot stick which I’ve been lusting over for quite some time. What I didn’t expect was to come away with blue eyelashes and purple eyeliner. I kid you not! I’ve always been a little scared of colour on my eyes….but after having They’re Real Mascara in Blue and Eyeliner in purple...i’m hooked. 

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Not to mention Voss Water, Twig & Dot, Virtue Ice Tea and Michael ‘OMara Books had also left us some of their products to take home! Could this day get any better I began to think after almost breaking my arm with the amount of goodies I had stuffed in my bag. Yes...yes it could. Along comes raffle time which the proceeds went towards a donation to Leeds Women’s Aid. We managed to raise over £200 which was then matched by Holly’s work, huge clap on the back to us bloggers!! I’m never one to win raffles or tombolas...seriously, NEVER! Buuuut, I only went and bloody won didn’t i. I was the lucky receiver of a set of any lingerie from their new SS catalog AND a swim set. I’ve just picked out my choices and may well do a blog post on them soon, probably not going to be pictures of me in the lingerie though…..just sayin. number is called again….and there comes along a bottle of yummy Henny & Joe’s Chai Syrup, delicious. I’m finally having a lucky streak, wooo!

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After more cocktails, chatting, giggling, and having general girl time we were surprised with a box of brownies! From a choice of salted caramel, praline, hazelnut and a few others I obviously had to go for salted caramel, my fav!

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As the event came to a close we were handed goodie bags filled with treats, it seriously felt like christmas! The bag itself even had a personalised logo on the front, with The City Girls brand. I’ve included a snippet of what was inside the bag, but will be doing individual posts soon on a few of my favourite items. Lorna and Holly really went all out for us and made this the best experience possible. So much hard work and time must have went into the organisation of this, and for girls who work full-time as well as blog they completely baffled me to how perfectly arranged everything turned out. But they are living proof that we can do it girls! Anything we set our minds to is achievable!

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A fantastic day filled with new friends, inspiring stories, fun goodies, lots of laughter and a few cheeky cocktails. 

I can’t wait to see what The City Girls do next…

Thanks for reading!
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