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* I’ve always wanted long hair, I’ve always had (in my opinion) quite short hair. From years of straightening my hair and using a lot of heat, it’s never been at the length I want. I tried getting my hair trimmed every 6 weeks but with having extremely curly hair that never seemed to work as I would still continue to straighten it which was contradicting getting the damage cut off in the first place. I've tried countless 'your hair will grow 10 inches in one month' vitamins, which really are a waste of money considering I saw no change in my hair.

So two months ago I decided to completely stop using ANY heat on my hair and to start taking hair and nail vitamins. I’d heard that the majority of ‘hair growth’ vitamins contained about 60% Biotin, so down I popped to Holland and Barrett to fetch a bottle of Biotin. For the month of taking it I noticed my hair looking a little healthier but still not to the level I wanted or at the speed (i’m very impatient). Then the wonderful TN Healthcare approached me and asked if i would like to try their new Hairworx Hair Vitamins For Faster Hair Growth...uh HELL YEAH.

The tablets contain a blend of over 30 active vitamins and minerals which are essential for healthy hair and maintenance also helping to improve skin and nails, result! I won't list all of them or we'll be here for days, but they are all natural vitamins that our body already has, we're just upping that level or providing our bodies with vitamins we may not be getting enough of via food etc.
I’ve now been taking these vitamins once a day for approximately 33 days, the bottle contains 60 capsules which is a two month supply for £21.99 or £17 at the moment on Amazon and i can honestly say I will be taking them for the foreseeable future!

I’ve taken before and after pictures to show my one month progress. I chose to take the pictures with my hair wet because as you curly haired girls out there know, our hair shrinks a helluva lot when it’s dry, so to give an accurate view of my hair length wet hair it is!

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As you can see in the left picture which is before I started taking the vitamins, my curl pattern is rather scattered and the ends are fine. The length is standing just on the 1 inch line, and the under section of my hair is quite separated. The right picture is my hair now, well about a day ago! Although at first glance the length looks to be the same, my layers around the sides of my hair have now grown to match the rest of my hair and the quality of my curls has improved tenfold! The curls are pronounced and the curls are held together more.
When my hair is wet I would normally have to use almost half a bottle of leave-in conditioner, creams, endless amounts of serum to tame the impending frizz, but now i can get away with a few spritzes of leave in conditioner, a pump of serum and honestly that’s it! My curls hold their shape, there’s no concern of rogue curls anywhereeee!
Another plus i’ve noticed is the amount of shedding. I’ve barely lost any hair whilst taking these supplements, no longer does my shower look like a hair murder scene and no longer do i have to de-hair my brushes. My hair seems to have a lot more strength at the root, and in time will hopefully grow thicker and with more density.

After about two weeks i also noticed the improvement of my nails. Now I’m ashamed to admit it but I used to be a nail-biter...yes I know, it’s an awful awful habit and I wore false nails to hide it...along comes Hairworx….my nails are healthy and no longer do I want to go anywhere near them with nail clippers let alone bite them off. Considering years of false nail wearing can cause quite a bit of damage to natural nails, my nails are now strong, hair and once filed/buffed have a natural sheen to them!

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I’d like to thank you TN Healthcare for making my long hair dreams a reality, I’d honestly say these are the best hair/skin vitamins I've taken and believe me I've tried them all...well almost!

You can check out TN Healthcare and their other products over at...

What are your tips for growing your hair long and healthy?

Thanks for reading!

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