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LIFE | What's In My Bag?!

Hello fellow bloggers. My first post, why do a 'What's in my bag?' .... I hear you cry
 Well, it's not conventional or the norm, and that's probably the reason I'm doing it. I like to do things the wrong way round, upside down. 

'But like, who is she?' 

'I don't even know anything about her and she's showing me what's in her bag?'

Yes...yes I am, and all in good time my friends. I shall reveal myself and the annoyingly, strange, hopefully pleasing personality I float around with. I'm starting to realise I'm making myself sound mysteriously wonderful... I'm not, I'm just rather dramatic and like to induce flutters of suspicion in people from time to time. Sue me! Please don't, I need my pennies to complete my fantasy of having endless amounts of makeup and cute old trinkets.

So here is an insight into a part of my life, which no girl can live without. 

'Where's my bag?'
'Oh my god, I've lost it!'
'No, no here it is..sorry, it's right here!'

Sound familiar?
And yes, yes we do have everything in there but the kitchen sink, thank you for asking!


I bought this bag from River Island some months ago, and no matter how many times I switch it up with a few others in my wardrobe. I always, always find this in the crook of my arm holding all of my possessions. It's a little battered, but i like to think of it as 'well loved'. The colour scheme is bold, yet surprisingly I haven't found it clashing with any of my outfits. The front panel is a quilted style red square placed in front of the creamy beige wings all held together by two navy straps.
The interior of River Island’s bags always have me going weak at the knees. The material is of a luxurious feel and the colour matches the bag perfectly, in my case a light cream. Because I carry so much around with me, I find the mobile phone compartment, slightly larger pocket and zip pocket inside extremely useful. I have a weird little order going on in my bag, everything in its place and very nearly fall off my chair if a friend rakes about trying to find something. 


These two items I expect are present in the majority of girls bags. Maybe not a diary, but I find I can’t live without mine. From doodling little notes and ideas to making plans for my next holiday or venture, it’s my little life organiser. My purse has a trillion cards I don’t use in there, along with my worn Costa coffee card which I treasure. Receipts are also a firm feature in my purse as I find they bulk it out, oh why can’t they turn into notes of monetary value please?!


I always carry around a variety of these two products. Since it’s just been Christmas I was given these in a large Ted Baker gift set that included some other indulgent toiletries I have yet to try out. The handcream has a silky feel to it and doesn’t leave that awful sticky residue behind whilst the scent of the two products isn’t overpowering but is quite musky if you like that kind of smell. Having these to hand helps me keep moisturised and smelling sweet on the go!


Be a bit buggered without these wouldn’t i. Not only would I be homeless, I’d also not have a car to bomb around in. I always get asked why I have two separate bunches of keys…well, I don’t want to take my car keys with me in a cute little clutch and it’s just how I’ve always had them! As you can see, both sets are adorned with a Harry Potter keyring, representing Gryffindor y’know! Amongst the actual keys themselves I also have a variety of keyring fobs for my garage, Morrisons Match & More, Tesco Clubcard and a beauty salon I regularly frequent, Pretty Woman. And, yes, yes I do have a standard ‘night out, I don’t remember that picture being taken’ keyring of me and my best friend, Becky.


This is my child. It’s not, but you can gather the love I have for this thing when I say that. I purchased this after much deliberation and stubbornness. I’ve always been a book-in-hand girl, and I still think you can’t beat settling down with an actual book, turning over crisp pages. HOWEVER, I love the features of a kindle and how easy it is to read anywhere! When I finish a book, it straight away tells me if there’s another in the series, or what other books I might like. I’m allllll over being recommended new things to try. Too dark to read? Problem eliminated. Can’t fit your favourite book in your bag? Problem gone.

I could write an essay of praise for this, but I’m going to stop typing….now.


These are the items I carry around when I don’t want to lug my makeup bag around with me. After using liquid foundation for a number of years, I decided to give powder foundation another go, and boy am I loving it. The MAC Studio Fix Powder Foundation in NC42 for my complexion is perfect. Its lightweight yet can be built up to give a medium coverage. Ideal for those mornings when you’re running a bit late, the weather’s being grumpy and you have to get out of bed. I dust a little bit on with my foundation brush, apply some MAC’s Extended Play Gigablack Lash, a slick of L’Oreal Contour Parfait in 657 Rosewood and I’m good to go.


Now I know I have my kindle in here too, yet there are those dark dark times when your phone and kindle battery decide to depleat at the same time and your left back in the 90s with no access to anything technical. Hard times. I keep a copy of either Cosmo or Glamour close, the handbag size ones are ideal too, no bent corners thankyou, to save myself from complete social breakdown. Just kidding, but it’s handy to have a glossy mag (with crosswords) juuuuuust in case.


Normally this section of my bag is a bit bigger than pictured. Somehow I’ve misplace a few items, I suspect they are in my gym bag, oooops. Carrying around a travel mini antibacterial alcohol gel saves me life, literally! Well, it saves my immune system anyway. Since I’ve just recovered from a yucky virus, it’s become a bit of a habit to give my hands a quick clean when I’m out and about. I refuse to get ill again!

And I’m the kind of girl who doesn’t feel fully dressed if my nails aren’t painted so I carry round a small collection of choices should a chip occur. OPI Nail Laquer in White Shatter, Revlon Colourstay Gel Envy in White and Barry M’s Gelly HiShine in Elderberry. White nails are a firm favourite with me!


So these are essentials for me, I don’t know about anyone else. I always find my friends asking me for a mirror, nail file or nail clippers, and I am ALWAYS the girl that has them! I couldn’t live without a mirror in my bag, you can count on me to have an eyelash in my eye or a smudge somewhere on my face. Not to mention it pairs rather well with my makeup emergency section of my bag! Don’t wanna guess where I’m drawing my lips on do i?


As above, those times when I’m without charge and resort to my glossy mag are far and few between. I saw somewhere on Pinterest too that if you put one of those spiral metal springs on the edge like i have, it stops the charger from bending too! I carry this with me everywhere! Stealing electricity as I go. Although sometimes I’m not sure why I bother as apparently my iPhone regularly decides that going from 28% battery to 2% is okay? Battery….you have one job!

And there we have it. What’s in my bag! Now you know. I must admit I do have other strange items floating about I there, a hairgrip, a packet of chewing gum, a necklace I took off for safe keeping etcetera etcetera. 

Thanks for reading!

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  1. You really are the person who's prepared for everything haha. I need to get myself some MAC Studio Fix Powder, my mum loves the fluid version! Other than a smaller bag, the only difference I have is a million different lipsticks.
    Lovely first post, really enjoyed reading :-)


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